The latest on the road communication secrets revealed...

Packed with the new 2015 must-know information, tips, the experts secrets and all explained in a simple and easy-to-understand style

Currently under re-development and re-opening 10th Feb. 2015

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This 2015 information packed, 27 chapter eBook clearly explains all your on the road communications, devices, remote safety, websites, programs, mobile apps options and much more in a very simple to follow style in 10 full sections revealing all the best information, tips and secrets about:

1.  Mobile Devices

2.  Antenna Selection and Setup

3.  Other Communication Devices

4.  Powering Devices on the road

5.  Data Safety and Backup Options

6.  Video, VoIP, Chat & Social Media

7.  Managing Photos & Videos

8.  Creating Easy Websites & Blogs

9.  Useful Mobile Apps

10. Online Shopping

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