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This FREE eBook reveals all the ‘Must Know’ secrets that are so hard to find without learning some expensive lessons on the way… and it’s written in our simple, easy to understand language.

Learn how to get the best results possible and understand the latest devices, programs and applications that can make life so much easier when you travel.

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“I give it 20 gold stars. Its awesome and fantastic information for any traveller, very much needed in the travelling world. A fantastic job and well done!”
Barra Mundi, living 'On The Road'
“This eBook is simple and concise. It has guaranteed my communications stay constant in my travels across Australia and the Pacific Basin.”
Andrew Bennett, QLD

Revealed In This eBook:

  • Your best  ‘set-up’ Options
  • All the latest ‘on the road’ Devices
  • The ‘cutting edge’ Programs, Apps, and Websites

Every Expert who has contributed to this eBook understands life on the road… they live it too…

They understand our problems, our difficulties in getting the ‘Right’ information and have even ensured we understand the best devices to stay connected!

All the Experts have contributed their knowledge for FREE, to raise a little money for the Royal Flying Doctors Service and to ensure we have the very best advice on topics such as:

Your Best Connection Options:

     Nokia Basic 2013       Telstra WiFi Modem 2013

  • Mobile Phone Selection
  • Service Provider Selection
  • The Best Modems
  • External Antenna Selection and Set-up
  • System Set-up and Testing

The Best ‘On The Road’ Devices:

     iPad      Laptop

  • Mobile Phone and Smartphones
  • iPads, Android and other Tablets
  • Laptops and Printers
  • Satellite Phones
  • Satellite Internet
  • Solar and Remote Power
  • Other Communication and Safety Devices

Programs, Apps. and Websites:

  Map Hema    Facebook

  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Youtube
  • Video and Photo Sharing
  • Blogging
  • Online Shopping
  • and much more

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More User Comments!

“An absolute must for travellers!  This book is unique, not only for remote areas , it’s also helped me get better signal from home. I love the websites and app. suggestions too!”
Kerry Searle, QLD
“Grant has truly opened my eyes with regard to communications whilst out on the road. My safety is paramount and following Grant’s advice I will be as safe as possible. This is a bible for those wishing to travel both near and far.”
Tim Holmes, NSW
“Very useful information…. It made it far easier to keep my iPad, iPhone and Nokia connected on the road…  I’m an Aussie, living in Europe and just spent 6 weeks back travelling around Northern Australia. Thanks!”
Raik Liind, Estonia

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